Experience ”Master Chef” at Restaurant GUTE

As well as our classes where you cook with a professional chef we offer a classic cooking pentathlon, that we call Master Chef. You will compete against each other in several different areas of culinary techniques! The pentathlon is led by one of our experienced chefs.

”Master Chef” is a perfect company activity or for a group of friends that want a different start to a nice evening.  We recommend that you are between 8-16 people for this activity.

The pentathlon starts with the chef/judge describing the event/ competition, during which you will be offered some refreshments.  When the group is divided in to teams the competition will commence!

Examples of competition events are: Whipping egg white as fast as possible and turning the bowl upside down over your head, blind test of different purées and frying a steak “medium”, inner temperature of 57 degrees Celsius (closest wins).

What is included in “Master Chefs” at Restaurant GUTE?

  • Pentathlon – Compete within cooking against your friends or colleagues
  • Get tips and tricks from our chefs
  • 2 glasses of wine/beer during the competition
  • Nice prize to the best chef
  • Price: 595 SEK/person (incl. Vat)


Book your private Master Chef event at GUTE Stockholm today! We take groups from 8-16 people in the Master Chef event. Contact us at info@gutegrill.se or 0046-8-20 22 36.